Flexible Packaging Material Development Trend 2023
Aug 04, 2023  | 

Flexible Packaging Material Development Trend 2023


Flexible packaging offers tremendous value and sustainability benefits to manufacturers, retailers and consumers. While there are many packaging options for a variety of packaging needs, flexible packaging offers considerable advantages with fewer trade-offs. Flexible packaging reduces waste, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, flexible packaging offers many conveniences to consumers, including extended shelf life, easy storage, microwavable and resealable.

But even as the market for flexible packaging expands, these packaging materials, which include plastic, have earned a reputation and are often associated with litter and marine litter rather than compared to more recyclable packaging options. This perception must change as consumers, especially millennials, place the environment and sustainability as a matter of high importance to them, even as much as convenience, when expressing their packaging preferences.

Bomei Packaging With our Planet 

100% recycled film structure MDO-PE

MDO-PE can be laminated with PE , and can replace the film structure of PET/PE  CPP/PE and BOPP/PE so it meets the current general packaging requirements. Since the packaging requirements are met, and it is made of PE, it can be 100% recycled.


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Flexible Packaging Material Development Trend 2023