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Sustainable Packaging

Bomei are committed to creating a greener future through developments in sustainable packaging solutions

Why Choose Sustainable Packaging ?

Bomei packaging is unique in the way that its sustainable characteristics come from producing less waste.

Sustainable packaging is important because it reduces the waste and pollution of all the stages in the product's life-cycle.

It also helps both the product and the consumer reduce theirenvironmental impact.

Brands image can be effectively enhanced Taking the concept of sustainable packaging a step further, Bomei Packaging have developed a range of materials which can be used as an alternative to standard mixed plastic laminates.

  • Recyclable Features

    Recyclable Features

    Bomei Packaging Recycled packing materials are suitable for packaging food products such as snacks and beverages. We equally offer recyclable pouches in wholesale for non-food products like detergents and baby products.

    Our MOQ is low to keep our services accessible to more of our customers. We also offer wholesale prices and all customization processes are executed in our factory under careful quality monitoring.

  • Compostable Features

    Compostable Features

    With implementation of the plastic ban across the world, compostable bags are becoming a trend of packaging industry.

    However, the public knows very little about such bags. What's it made from? Do the bags really work? Many questions come out. Here's its advantages you need to know:

    It can be 100% breakdown into CO₂& Water without any microplastics.

    It made from renewable resources instead of petroleum.

    It can be 100% food grade, cause the material is plant based(PLA). Unlike regular plastic, compostable bags useminimal carbon emissions during the manufacturing process. Let’s make a difference to the earth by switching to compostable bags!