Comparing Gravure Printing With Digital Printing
Aug 18, 2022  |  Gravure Printing

Packaging technology has come a long way in recent years.Here shared two kinds way for printing

Advantage Graure printing :

.Gravure printing is the only high speed, high volume printing process that is capable of printing continuous tone images.

.With modern presses capable of producing up to 14 metres of film per second, print times are extremely fast

.Gravure printing uses fast drying solvent-based inks to speed up the printing process.Almost completely automated, labour costs are relatively low.Gravure cylinders are extremely durable and can be used for multiple print runs, provided they are regularly used and maintained.

.Gravure printing is widely regarded as the best printing process for flexible packaging formats such as stand-up pouches, quad-seal bags and flat-bottomed bags due to the fantastic and consistent print quality

Advantage Digital Printing :

.Cost effective

Setup time is much lower, reducing overall costs.

Setup time is much lower, reducing overall costs. All we need is a PDF of your design. This can be sent to our digital presses. We'll even send you a proof for approval before we start work. There's no extra charge.

.Accuracy and repeatability

A digital print file goes straight to print, effectively creating your print project, once you have approved your PDF proof. This file can then be saved for future use, edited or unedited, and will match previous projects. Digitally calibrated presses can be re-used with excellent quality. If you have a need for 100 flyers every couple of weeks, then digital presses can reproduce your design exactly the same way every time.


.Easy customisation with artwork

Digital printing is proving to be flexible and valuable because there are no fixed plates and designs. Digital items are easy to rework and change between batches without too much hassle.

It is up to your business to decide whether it is worth investing in quality.

Are you considering investing in quality printing for your product? Contact our team of packaging experts and they will be happy to help.


Comparing Gravure Printing With Digital Printing