Feb 25, 2022  |  fexible packaging


Question 1: How to reduce Cost  ?

Fexible packaging manufacturing cost less than Bottles ,when you inquire ,many flexible packaging suppliers canont provide orders with small minimums at a competitive price ,and for you ,you might not ready to purchase mass orders on packaging project

Most of suppliers wont let you know they can produce small orders a,such as less than 5,000 pieces with same printing content and raw material quality

For our factory passed ISO901,BRC ,FDA certified and Whether you are a larger consumer packaging company or an established start -up looking for support from an export

We are a creative and motivation company that is willing to work you with you to develop packaging project .

Question 2 : How to Increase Customer Engagement  ?

Professional suppliers will help to provide invonative designs and bag types base on differenet fields

Stand up pouch are highly versatile and convenient that holds its shape and stands upright .

stand up pouches help to extend your products shelf life while clever resealability and easy open functions help to keep your product fresh for longer .It also allow you to maximize you shelf presence and brand perception while reducing packaging cost

Side Gusset Pouch ( Flat Bottom Pouch) offers more support for easy storage when packing your products.Flat-bottom bags are a popular choice in a wide variety of industries due to their ability to hold a substantial amount of product in terms of weight and volume while remaining visually appealing on the shelf. If you packaging coffee ,you can put air valve in one side

Spout pouches are an innovative and convenient alternative products,our spout pouches are extensively popular for brands and retailers .its used for packaging liquid and powdered products

Spout pouches are available with a range of different spout fittings

Question 3 :  Delivery Date On Time ?

Now there are more and more uncontrollable factories, such as raw material supply chain, shipping schedule, etc., which leads to the delivery date not less than 60 days .As prfessional supplier ,we can ship your order within 15 days