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Flat Bottom Pouch

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The flat bottom pouch offers more support for easy storage when packing your products.Flat-bottom bags are a popular choice in a wide variety of industries due to their ability to hold a substantial amount of product in terms of weight and volume while remaining visually appealing on the shelf.

Bomei Packaging have a full confidence in achieving your quality level,we do business in sincere way.

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Product details



(1)Multiple features 

The pouch is specially constructed to have a flat bottom. This feature allows the gusset pouch to stand straight, and provide effective visibility to potential buyers.  velcro zipper, pocket zipper or top slider to maintain your products freshness

(2)Food Grade Materials

All of our Flat Bottom Pouches are manufactured using the 100% Food grade materials in FDA and BRC accredited production facility. These materials are also durable enough to take a great degree of damage.

(3)Enhanced Branding Capabilities

The addition of two extra side gussets and a quad seal structure facilitates more branding space on the side of the pack. The flat bottom bag offers five display panels for maximum shelf impact and brand awareness

(4)Easy open & close resealable zippers 

Our pouch packaging comes with a variety of optional open & close zippers including press to close zippers, hook-and-loop, tactile, soft-touch, leak- and powder-resistant zippers for effortless and convenient access to your product.

Technical Information

>> Size : Custom sizes as your request

>> Finish

Choose a finish  that best suits your needs! Matte is perfect for a non-glare look. Smooth or glossy finishes will give you shiny, and highly effective appearance, while slightly lustrous metallic finishes will set your packaging apart from the competition.

>> Filling and Sealing

Heat sealable and suitable for cold filling by hand or in line.

>> Materials

Bomei packaging created a wide variety of material including PE,PET,BOPP,CPP,Nylon;PLA ,Metallized film

Common Applications

Soups, sauces and spices    Snack foods    Confectionery     Pet food / treats    ● Coffee / tea     Dry food / powders     Frozen food    ● Sports nutrition    ● Health and beauty     Home care    ● Horticulture     Liquids     Baby food 

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