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Frozen food packaging

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The frozen food market has been an increase in demand for convenience combined with the changing landscape ,which had led to a higher interest among consumers .The growth of the markets is one of reason why custom frozen food packaging are becoming so important .Bomei Packaging provide convenience ,freshness and shelf impact and brad perception while reducing packaging cost.

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Product details

Benefits :

(1)Great Barrier Features:

The frozen food packaging is designed to make sure 100 % heat sealed to avoid contact with dust ,air,dirt and so on and bomei packaging use food grade materials


Our multilayer polyethylene film makes an excellent packaging material for a wide range of frozen foods, providing high strength ,light weight and excellent machinability.

(3)Bag type

Products packaging in stand up pouches will stand out from the competition as they will stand up on the shelf in the store’s frozen food section .Optional round or hang holes can be provided.

Technical Information

>> Size : Custom sizes as your request

>> Finish

Choose a finish  that best suits your needs! Matte is perfect for a non-glare look. Smooth or glossy finishes will give you shiny, and highly effective appearance, while slightly lustrous metallic finishes will set your packaging apart from the competition.

>> Filling and Sealing

Heat sealable and suitable for cold filling by hand or in line.

>> Materials

Bomei packaging created a wide variety of material including PE,PET,BOPP,CPP,Nylon;PLA ,Metallized film

Common Applications

Soups, sauces and spices    Snack foods    ● Confectionery    ● Pet food / treats     Coffee / tea     Dry food / powders    ● Frozen food    ● Sports nutrition    ● Health and beauty     Home care     Horticulture     Liquids     Baby food 

By Choosing Bomei Packaing ,we are not only support vibrant graphics but also enable quick turnaround times,Contact us today for bulk orders!

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